Monday, March 24, 2014

Hard Sleepers

Most of my boys need to get up in the night to go to the bathroom, however Simon is such a hard sleeper he can never wake up to go. So he still wears pull-ups at night. Poor kid.

We have tried a variety of things, including an alarm clock that we set for the middle of the night, but he would never hear it. So one day last week we go the bright idea to put it in bed with him. Simon thought it was a great idea-it's a Yoda Lego clock so that was fun for him. Seemed to work, he woke up.

Well last night I found the clock in the dining room. ? I have no idea.

When I went to bed I tucked Yoda into bed with Simon. So he didn't know it was going to be there. A little while later, Tim and I heard the alarm go off and immediately feet hit the floor. And I thought, "Total score! This is working!" But then the feet came to the hallway and a loud knock on our bedroom door.

"My alarm is going off."
"I know. Go to the bathroom."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"Because it's under my bed and it's too loud."
I'm cracking up at this point and I say, "It's ok, just go to the bathroom."

Footsteps to the bathroom, alarm shuts off on it's own, Simon crawls into bed, Tim and I laughed so hard I almost cried. Then I slept really well for having such a good laugh.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Soccer Mom

You know you are a soccer mom when...

You keep chairs in your trunk at all times
You have an umbrella the size of Rhode Island in your car
You keep blankets and sweatshirts in your trunk
You have water bottles and balls rolling around your car every day
Your car smells like sweaty cleats/shin guards, and you don't notice it anymore
You have raccoon eyes from sitting in the sun watching so many soccer games
You have a first aid kit, and use it
You keep a bag of snacks/stuff to do in the car
You've done homework on the sidelines with kids not playing in the game
You've fed your family dinner on the sidelines of a game
You could ref the game right along with the best of them
You practice with your player when practice is cancelled
You have a standing agreement to carpool with other parents for practice and out of town games
Your voice is hoarse after an intense game
Your blood pressure gets a workout when the game is close
You rehash the game when it's over
You are just as excited as the players are when they win
You know where all the soccer fields are in a twenty mile radius
You support the local concession stand, frequently
You keep a stash of drinks and snacks for your turn on the snack schedule
You can pick out your child by his running gait
You know all the player's names, and numbers
You know what color shoes each player wears
You know which fields have restrooms and which only have port-a-potties
You text people updates of the score during the game
You take pictures like you're watching Real Madrid
You bought a zoom lens so you could take close ups of all the action
You think soccer is exciting


You will miss these days in ten years!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Soccer Boys

My soccer boys, 2013.
They are all playing this year. Eli & Noah are traveling teams, and Eli also plays on a select team.

To date, Simon's team is undefeated.
To date, Jesse is undefeated.
To date, Eli's team is 6-1.
To date, Noah's team is defeated.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Legal does not equal moral.

Marriage is a moral institution between a man, a woman, and God.

The government decided to capitalize on this bountiful institution by offering "perks" for married individuals in the form of tax incentives. To be "married" then in the eyes of the law, you are required to provide certain information (sometimes even blood testing) and pay a fee and provide the government with your change of name status so they can further track your life. This created various revenues and jobs for the government. And over time, we began to forget that marriage is not a legal institution, but a moral one.

It is a moral one, let us not forget it.

The government is now redefining who is eligible to apply for a governmental marriage certificate, as is their right since they issue the certificates. This in NO WAY changes the moral institution of marriage. It is a moral one, don't forget.

Those folks who were gay last week and living together, can now legally get married in the eyes of the law. That's great for them that they now can have the "perks" of being married under the government. They can now file for divorce and be liable for the other person's bills just like us heterosexuals.

If I had known 14 years ago what I know now-I would have never applied for a marriage certificate. We would have had our same moral and religious ceremony and I would have changed my name to honor my husband and the commitment I made to him and to God. That would have been the end of it. We would have never let the government in on what is the most sacred institution we have.


Personally, what I don't like is calling a government certified "marriage" a marriage. I feel it is very different than the moral institution that we all think of when we hear the word marriage.

To me it's like calling The Beatles and The Backstreet Boys both "bands".

The Beatles wrote and performed their own music.
The Backstreet Boys sing songs other people wrote.
True they are both in the music business, but really, are they in the same category? Not so much.
Is one better than the other? That is a personal preference.
Should there be different words to describe the different kinds of "bands"? Definitely!

Let's get on the ball with finding a different word for the governmental certified marriage, or maybe a different word for the moral institution we call marriage. One of them needs a new word!

Monday, June 17, 2013


My sister graduated and we had a party for her at our house. It was small, but nice. Especially nice for Mom as all of her kids were together and that almost never happens.
 Fun decorations

Mom and all of her children
Grandma and four of her grandchildren

 The whole clan of Mom's, plus her mom and two of her sisters.
Congratulations Olivia!