Tuesday, September 19, 2006


When I woke Noah up this morning he seemed kind of little somehow as I rubbed his back to help him wake up. As I uncovered him I realized he had wet the bed.

Great way to start the day.

Except wait. He still wears diapers at night. How can he wet the bed?

Now I know why he looks little, he doesn't have a diaper on, but his PJ's are still on. He's "naked-dee" under those shorts!

Noah, did you take your diaper off? Yeah. Where is it? In the trash. Why did you take it off? It was wet. OK, then that's all cleared up!

And sure enough, there it is in the bathroom trash. When did he take it off? When he got in bed, during the night? Who knows! And how did he get his PJ shorts back on? I'm obviously not giving him enough credit in the self-dressing department. Starting tomorrow he's putting his own pants on. He can do it in the dark of night, so he do it in the morning!

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