Saturday, December 16, 2006


I was having a dream last night that I was late for work and I was behind two buses--the kind that's a van that they turn into a bus for head start. (This happens in real life occasionally and those little children take roughly 5 minutes to get on the bus and get settled before the bus will move again.) I was starting to get angry when I realized it was a dream and that it was Saturday morning and I could keep sleeping. I was starting to wake up and I noticed my nose was cold. I moved my arm to rub my nose to warm it up and opened my eyes. It's then I realize why my nose is cold. Eli is standing right next to me with his cold index finger pushing on my nose. What would posess him to do that? He said he was cold and he needed help covering up. Why, oh why don't they go to their Dad for those kinds of things at six in the morning? I fixed his covers (they were all on the floor) and he went right back to sleep, as did I!!

Eli's prayer tonight: Dear Jesus, keep Noah from hitting me so much.

Noah's prayer tonight: Dear Jesus, Eli hits me all the morning. Goodbye Jesus.

Then piles and piles of laughter with Simon clapping and clapping.

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