Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ear Infections

Simon has been fussy since Sunday, running a fever off and on. I stayed home half a day with him on Monday (and got some cleaning done for our Christmas party that evening). Then on Tuesday his fever hit 102 at the daycare, so I decided if he was less than chipper on Wednesday morning I was keeping him home and taking him to the doctor. Wednesday he still wasn't feeling good so I took him in and he has ear infections in both ears. We got his medicine--it took a little while at the pharmacy since he's never had a prescription before and they had to set him up in the system. Yay for a healthy baby!

Unfortunately, my boys have never pulled at their ears with an ear infection, so while they have been few and far between (thankfully), it has taken me a while to get them diagnosed (read that as Mom guilt). Simon wasn't too uncomfortable, I don't think. Eli & Noah got their first ear infections at 18 months, so Simon is a little ahead of the game. We never had ear infections as kids, or at least we never went to the doctor, so why do kids get them so much now? What's different?

Even though he wasn't feeling well, Simon and I did have a nice day on Wednesday, did a little shopping, he did some napping, I did some wrapping, we had some snuggle time and just enjoyed each other without the "big boys."

One funny thing, I was putting wood in the stove and then I put my hand out to feel the warmth and Simon stuck his little chubby hand out just like me. Then I said, "Hot" and he said, "HH" "oT", so add "hot" to his list of words. He babbles ALL the time.

I'm raising a house of talkers-my only reprive is Noah's quiet when he sucks his thumb!

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Devra said...

I've got two sons who don't exhibit the classic ear pulling when they get ear infections. Aviva and I are trying to absolve guilt, one mommy at a time. Today it is you! Hope the ears are feeling better now!