Thursday, December 07, 2006

First Step!

When I picked the boys up yesterday, I got Simon's paper, it tells when he ate what, diaper changes, naps, etc., and in the "What I did today" section they had written down, Simon took one step today all by himself. So there was Simon's first step! Yeah for him!! They said he was really proud of himself, and he should be, walking is a major "step" in growing up (pun intended).

It's funny though because to hold his hands he's not interested in walking but maybe a step or two. He can stand on his own, but doesn't much. Only in the last week or so he has gotten really interested in holding on to my sister's chair (she's in a wheelchair) and pushing her around. Then he gets very angry when they have to stop and change directions, he only wants to press onward. Such is the mindset of a 10 month old.

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