Thursday, January 11, 2007

I don't want to join

I don't want to join.

Apparently there is a new club at my house. It was something that I was virtually unaware existed, having only one brother, but according to my husband, is common among young males.

This club is specifically a "fight club," now if you've seen the movie, it's not nearly so violent as that, but a fight none the less. I will describe it to you as I feel a picture would be too graphic for the kind of family blog I'm trying to keep here, but there will be a picture in our family photo album, rest assured.

Picture this, Noah (recently potty trained) states matter of factly, "I need to poop, and I want you to come with me." I immediately follow as we're not totally out of the woods with accidents yet and wiping is questionable.

Eli follows us into the bathroom jumping, "I need to pee Noah, I really need to pee!" Meanwhile Noah says, "I'm going to pee first and then poop." So he proceeds to put the seat up and push down his pants.

All the while, Eli is jumping and whining. I'm laughing, and so is Tim.
Me: "Get over there and pee,"
Eli: "But Noah's in the way!"
Tim:"There's enough room, stand on the side."
Me: "You've done that before, now go, before you pee your pants!"
At this point I'm wondering if we will see the fight club emerge so that Tim can witness it.

Eli steps up there beside Noah, who is now ready to pee, and they both start peeing trying to hit the other's stream. I say to Tim, "This is a pee fight." Tim's just laughing and Eli hears us and says, "Noah, this isn't a pee fight," as he's struggling not to smile and laugh. Then they are both laughing and done and Noah says, "Now I'm going to poop." He puts the seat down and climbs up and the rest is history.

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