Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend Visit

Shew we've been busy and it's not about to stop! We had my sister's wedding shower over the weekend. I hope to write a post, complete with pictures, about the shower later tonight if I can pull it off.

Eli went to Tim's brother's over the weekend. It's the first time he's stayed the night with anyone other than Tim's parents. I know he's five, so it was time. We waited a while for this visit because Tim's brother and his family live about five hours from us so if Eli decided he didn't want to stay it's not like we can hop in the car and have him home within the hour.

My sister met Tim's brother halfway on Friday to hand off Eli and then Sunday during the shower Tim & Noah met them halfway again to pick him up.

When they got home Tim said "Eli goes for the weekend and we all get something." Eli had a bag full of Spiderman toys plus a Spidy poster and innertube and a big water gun. Noah had a bag of goodies too and then there was a tote full of daisies (my favorite flower) that they were thinning out so they gave to us and then some seeds of a couple of flowers Tim had been wanting. So overall we all made out over the weekend.

Eli had a great time too, which is really what we were going for. He's excited to go again sometime. Noah is wanting to go now too, but he's only three so we'll hold off a little while on that to avoid a five hour drive in the middle of the weekend.

The best thing, according to Tim, was when he was driving on the interstate he passed a girl in a car and then she made a point to catch up to him and drive beside him, flipping her hair all around so he would look at her. So, obviously, that proves he is still hot!

Or was she just toying with him? I mean really, I think he's a hottie, but I've also had his babies so I'm a little biased in that regard. A big SUV full of carseats and kids, how hot is that? However, I say, let the man have his moment of glory and appreciate the admirings of the hair flipper! We can all appreicate the approval of a stranger every now and again.

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