Friday, August 24, 2007

First Day of School

Well, today's the day. Eli's first day of school. We had his screening, we had his open house, we had his reading assessment, I've filled out forms, paid his fees, bought school supplies, he's had shots and doctor visits and now it's time to get on the bus and go to school.

I call to find out what time the bus will come, 7:20! For crying out loud Kindergarten doesn't start until 9:00! I look at the route and he's the very first stop unfortunately. I'm making mental adjustments to our morning schedule to make sure we'll be ready and at the end of drive by 7:20.

I got home from work yesterday and there were two messages, but I didn't check them. I often don't until after the kids are in bed. I got the boys to bed and came down as Tim was starting to play the messages. One of them was Eli's bus driver, the real pickup time is 7:25 give or take one minute. But she reassured me that he wouldn't have to cross the street (it's 4 lanes), and I thought it was nice of her to call.

The next message was from the Kindergarten school principal. She said due to the heat expected Friday (today) our school system was having a 2 hour early dismissal. Only the Jr High and High School have air, none of the 7 other schools have air and the heat index for today is 110, so I can understand that. She goes on to say the afternoon K is cancelled since 2 hours is most of their time and since afternoon K is cancelled, so is morning K. So no first day of school for Eli this week!

I yell up the stairs to Eli that he doesn't have school tomorrow since it's going to be so hot. He says, "Okay. Good, I get a day off."

He hasn't even started yet and he's glad for a day off!

Also, he went camping with Tim's parents and just got back on Thursday. He got some kind of bite/sting on his right ear and it is bright red and swollen and sticking out from his head. He looks like Dumbo, so I'm secretly glad they cancelled so he doesn't have a funky ear for the first day. I would hate for anyone to make fun of him. We gave him benedryl but it didn't seem to help much. This morning though is was just slightly red and swollen and not very noticable.

Look for the teary-eyed real first day of school post next week. For now I still have three little boys!

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Jessica said...

The first day of school and it's already cancelled, that's convenient. Good Luck to Eli, I'm sure he'll love school!