Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This weekend was Tim's birthday. He doesn't like a big deal made out of birthday's so we didn't. Besides, it's easier that way! We did have his parents over for lunch after church on Sunday, and we had a really nice time.

In honor of Tim's 33rd birthday, I'd like to post 33 things that make him remarkable!

1. He loves me, faults and all.

2. He's always on my side, even though that has been a hard lesson for me to learn.

3. He's hot!

4. He likes to play with our kids.

5. He wants to do/have cool things for our kids.

6. He has a wonderful voice and sings at church.

7. He still cracks me up after all these years.

8. He gives the absolute best hugs.

9. He's excitable.

10. He'd spoil us all rotten if I'd put it in the budget!

11. He likes to get new things for himself, and just as much for me.

12. He's romantic when he's not too busy.

13. He's all about saving money and does lots of things himself so we have money for other fun things.

14. He tells me I'm a good wife and mom, even when I'm not.

15. He eats leftovers for breakfast.

16. He'd do anything for me.

17. He thinks I'm beautiful, even though I rarely wear make-up or get dolled up (but he likes that too!).

18. He's an extemely hard worker.

19. He's highly motivated.

20. He wants better for his family than he had.

21. He thinks long term.

22. He'll do anything, I just have to ask.

23. He's a visionary.

24. He has great ideas for decorating.

25. He's a scavenger for good deals and cool finds.

26. He loves Dr. Pepper.

27. He doesn't mind getting dirty to get a job done.

28. He dresses trendy enough to be cool, and classic enough to wear the clothes until they are worn out.

29. He can talk to anyone.

30. He's confident (and he should be!).

31. He's friendly and likable to everyone.

32. He's an adventurer.

33. He's God's gift to me!

Am I lucky or what? It's not luck, I'm glad that God put us together!


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday, Tim!

I think he knows that you and the boys are the BEST birthday gifts he'll ever receive!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Tim! And to quote Napoleon Dynamite, Janelle you are "LUCKY!"