Monday, January 28, 2008

Funny Things

Noah has quite an imagination. He names people inside of him, or imaginary friends things like Goncho, Doncho, Gono. He's also very into rhyming in case you didn't notice. He often times gets in "character" and won't respond to you unless you call him by his character's name (Davy Crockett, Gono, or whatever it may be). The other night was a new one for him.

He took a paint brush and put these little plastic disks with holes in them on each end of it and said they were his wand. I asked if it was like a Fairy Godmother's wand and he said yes.

We were walking into the kitchen when he says, "This wand can turn pigs into people!"

I busted out laughing and had to stop walking so I wouldn't wet my pants from laughing so hard. All the boys laughing just as hard and I just love that! I just don't know where he comes up with this stuff!


We're working with Simon on his potty training and he's doing really well. He tells us when he has to go, so we book it upstairs (his preference) and sit him on the toilet. I tell him to try to push it out. His response:
"Not coming out Mama."

"Yes you can have a skittle for trying."
Followed by excited squealing/laughter.


Eli really likes school, but since no one else goes to school he's ecstatic about weekends and vacations and other days off. Thursday he was asking how many more days he had to go to school. I told him just Friday and then was the weekend.

He bounced around in his bed like I told him Santa was coming to visit again, and was bringing Mickey Mouse and the Tooth Fairy.

"Eli what's your deal? What are you doing?"
"I'm just so excited."

"Excited about what?"
"Excited about the day after tomorrow!"

"Simon's birthday?"
"It's Simon's birthday?"

"Yes, Saturday is Simon's birthday."
"Well, can I blow out the candles?"

"No, it's his birthday, not yours."
"Oh. But I don't have school, right?"

"Right, that's Saturday."

And he only had a four day week!

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Jessica said...

I love your stories about your boys! And...Happy Birthday Simon!