Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be Quiet!

We were at the memorial service for my great-grandpa over the weekend, and Simon was sitting on my lap. He was doing pretty good at sitting still and being quiet (not the same can be said for Noah, but he was between Eli and my mom, which made him think he was out of my reach).

I had just told Noah to be quiet when Simon reached up to my face and put my face in his hands so I'd look directly at him. Then he said, "Look at me. Be quiet!" in a mock stern mommy voice, with all the right frowns on his face.

I make them look me in the eye when I tell them something so I have a better chance of it sinking in and them actually hearing me. Often times I take their face in my hands and turn their heads to me so they look at me when I speak to them.

Now I know what I look like when I say that to them! This time I was on the other end, and the reprimander was my two year old; it was all I could do not to disolve in laughter!

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Deanna said...

Just when you start to think that your actions don't make an impact...