Monday, March 17, 2008

Due Date

Well, the official due date for this little guy was Saturday, so obviously that has come and gone. And it doesn't even look like we're going to have a St. Patrick's Day baby considering how late in the day it's getting to be.

I'm less anxious about this one than I have been the others, I guess because I felt I could pretty much bank on him coming after the due date. But it would be nice to be able to make more concete plans for Easter. Like, will Tim be able to sing at church or will we be in the hospital? Or will I still be pregnant?

Answers are not for me to know at this point, so I'll wait (really, what choice do I have?). He'll come in his own good time.

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Jessica said...

Oh man...I guessed the wrong day. Actually, maybe I didn't, there are still 4 hours left in the day. I hope you are feeling well and not completely exhausted. Oh, what am I saying? Of course you are exhausted.