Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh Captain, My Captain

I make a quilt for each of my babies while I'm pregnant with them so I had Tim bring my sewing machine downstairs where it is warmer so I can get it all put together before the baby comes, after all it's high time I finished it. Hopefully I'll get it finished tonight, and I can post a picture.

Tim's grandma gave me sewing box with lots of thread and some other various notions that has been a great source of entertainment for the boys. They have been having a ball with spools of thread, bobbins, pin cushions, that kind of thing, which is nice since it lets me get a little work done on the quilt.

Last night when I was pinning the back of the quilt to the front Simon started playing with two thimbles. I've never used a thimble so I didn't much care if he lost them. He didn't.

What he did do was stack them up and put them on top of his head. Then he started saying something and it was a little difficult to make out. It sounded like "Captain Unch" I just kept listening, and then he said "Captain Crunch."

I said, "Simon are you Captain Crunch?"

"Yeah, Captain Crunch."

Eli and I cracked up.

As a side note, Noah (our talker) is with Tim's parents and with him gone I don't think Simon hardly was quiet for more than a minute last night. The whole evening was a constant running commentary from Simon.

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Deanna said...

I love his little voice!!