Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sometimes it scares me to be the mom. For instance, I went to put on a long sleeve shirt over my clothes to carry in wood for the fireplace. I walked upstairs, grabbed the shirt that was sitting out and put it on as I was walking back downstairs. Not more than a minute and a half I would say.

When I got back down, as I turned the corner into the dining room, what did I see but Simon, sitting on the floor with a little screwdriver, putting it into an outlet. I freaked out! Then since I freaked out, so did Simon.

But I think that was good. He could tell I was really scared as I scooped him up and held him close. It took a few minutes for my heart to go back to normal. I don't think he'll do that again.

I relayed the story to Tim and he said since he was sticking it in the "third" hole and that was the ground it wasn't that big of a deal-which I really did think of, but I didn't want to back down on making it a huge deal. Because really, I don't care what hole you are sticking a screwdriver in, it just isn't good!


Jessica said...

Oh how scary! It is hard to be the mom! I have seriously lost years off my life already!

Deanna said...

Well, the up-and-down the stairs combined with the freakout was your cardio workout for the day. :)

Everyone is okay and a lesson was learned--I'm calling that a parenting victory.

And----what are you doing carrying wood at 39 weeks pregnant???????

Janelle said...

I try not to get worked up over things-I mean I have boys, I better get used to it!

D-if I want to be warm, I carry in the wood! Now I'm not cutting, splitting or stacking, just bringing it in :-) Although the day before Simon was born Tim & I split wood hoping that activity would keep the contractions going.

Janelle said...
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