Friday, May 09, 2008


Eli and I were walking up the driveway after getting him off the bus one day and a big bird flew overhead so we were talking about what kind of bird it was. Then the conversation continued:

"Dad said if we see that one bird to yell at him to scare him away."
"Oh, the heron?"
"Yeah, he tries to eat the Koi out of our pond and we don't want that."
"Yeah, I like our Koi. They are mostly orange, and I like orange."
"I know, they are so bright."
"Orange is just great. When I see our fish I see the orange and I think of Home Depot. And then I just want to go to Home Depot and buy something. So I just think about what I want to buy at Home Depot when I see something orange."
"Wow, that's just exactly what they were hoping would happen with color recognition. You crack me up!"


Jessica said...

Now that is some good marketing work!

Deanna said...

Marketing at its finest, I'd say!