Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Noah Stories

Noah, that kid is a hoot!

We were just finishing dinner last night, you know the time when the bellies are pretty much full so they are happy, but the plates aren’t quite empty, so it’s not time to clear the table yet and Simon decided to show me the half chewed pasta in his mouth. I was telling him to close his mouth, that was bad manners, I didn’t want to see his food, etc.

Noah was saying the exact same things to Simon. I wasn’t sure if he was repeating me or helping me. So I said, “Noah are you repeating me?”

He hesitated and looked at me. I don’t think he knew if he was repeating me or not and was trying to figure out if he was and if he was how he should answer.

I really didn’t want him to dig himself a hole for lying so I jumped in and said, “Well, if you were, stop. I don’t like it.” At this point he gave me a little snicker, so maybe he was copying me.

I continued on, “You don’t like it when Eli does it do you, so don’t do it to anyone else.”

Noah responds, “I don’t even like it when I do it to Eli.”

Eli and I cracked up and when Noah realized what he said he cracked up too.


One day Noah burped at the table and said, “Ah! I should have held that in so it could be a fart later!”
“So that’s how it works, if you hold in a burp it comes out later as a fart?”
“Yeah” Like, duh Mom!


Noah was with Tim the other day on the tractor while he was putting it away and they came walking back to the house both zipping up their shorts, so obviously they had peed when they were done. It’s the beauty of summertime and no neighbors.

Tim made a beeline for me and stifling laughter said, “When we were peeing Noah says, ‘You’re bigger Dad so your pen*s is bigger. And Mom’s bigger too, so her whatever is bigger.’”


Deanna said...

To what does he have to compare your "whatever"? It's so interesting how their little brains work.

Code Yellow Mom said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is sooooo "life with boys." I love it!