Monday, August 18, 2008


Tim worked the night shift last week which allowed him to take Eli with him over to his grandma's and cut down a couple of trees during the day.

After they got home Eli was telling me some different things about the day and what he had done. "Well, Dad cut down that one tree."
"What tree?"
"The one in the front by the road. The pine cone tree. He had to not hit the house or let it go on the road."
"Did he hit the house?"
"No, he just cut it like this (motions with his hands) and it fell down right where he wanted it."
"Your dad is very good at cutting down trees and getting them to fall where he wants them to. And that's hard to do. Maybe you can learn to do that like Dad."

Tim was cracking up at "pine cone tree" but it made perfect sense to me: Tim cut down an apple tree and what falls off of it? Apples. Tim cut down a blue spruce and what falls off of it? Pine cones. Thus, a pine cone tree, right? I see the logic, however it will forever be a pine cone tree in my mind!

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Deanna said...

I get it. "Pine cone trees" makes perfect sense to me!