Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jesse's Accomplishments

I guess being the fourth, Jesse thinks he's got to keep up or something! He's growing up way too fast!

He held his head up well from the get go and then he started rolling early. Next he began pushing himself up and getting stronger by the day. Then he got to a point where he wasn't crawling, but by pushing himself up, wiggling, rolling, etc. he got places.
Then he started doing this during August.

None of the other boys did that, so I found it very comical.

At that point he couldn't crawl yet, but he could move around some and he would do the most amazing thing. He'd be up on his knees and then before you'd realize it, he'd have himself all turned around and be sitting, with one hand still on the floor to hold himself up. Not even crawling and can get himself into a sitting position. Amazing I say, Amazing!

On my birthday that he started offically crawling. Crawling at 5 months and 1 week. That's even earlier than Eli, and I thought he started young!

Less than a week after that, so at not quite 5 1/2 months, he could put himself in a sitting position and stay there, without propping himself up.
So now I love to lay him on his back on the floor, just to watch him roll over, crawl to a toy of choice and then sit up and play with it.

I can just sit him down to play, and he will. If he does lose his balance he tightens his neck to catch his head from hitting the floor. The child is amazing I tell you. I had three baby boys before him-so I speak with experience.
Plus he's starting to give kisses and I love it!

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Deanna said...

His middle name should be Einstein!! That boy's a GENIUS!!!