Monday, October 27, 2008


Simon is a very independent child, he wants to do most everything for himself, and to his credit, he does. He even helps himself to food and candy without asking. It's a point of contention between us.

The other day after work the boys all wanted a piece of candy and I let them each have one piece. Then I went upstairs to change clothes.

Simon follows me up, while he's unwrapping a dum-dum sucker.
"Simon, you didn't ask for a sucker. You have to ask Mommy before you eat something."
Squishes up his little face, turns his head sideways, and looks at me with his Daddy's eyes, "Can I have this sucker?"
"No Simon, you can't."
"Simon you already had candy, one thing is enough."
He continues to make tortured noises and follows me into my room.
"No I didn't! No I didn't have candy! I didn't!"
"Yes, Simon you did."
"No I didn't! I didn't have candy!"
"Yes, you did. You had a box of nerds."
"They aren't candy, they aren't! They aren't candy! They aren't!"
"Simon, yes they are, nerds are candy and you already had some. Put the wrapper back on and put it away."
"No, I don't want to! I want a sucker!"
"I understand that but you picked nerds and you can only have one candy."
Now he's beginning to wrap the sucker back up and is still very distraught and almost crying. "They aren't candy! They aren't!"
"That's good obedience Simon. Now put it back in the candy jar and you can ask for it tomorrow."

Fast forward to the next day.
"Can I have this sucker Mom?"
"Yes you can Simon."

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Deanna said...

Consistent and persistent--it'll work eventually. Good work, Mom!!