Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was never sure I believed all that birthorder stuff. Then I had children.

My firstborn is such a firstborn. He's a rule follower to the letter of the law.

"Mom when I'm at school if you pack me something that's kind of like dessert, I save it for last. I eat everything else first and then the dessert. That's what you taught me."

"Yes I did. That's good Eli."

The other day the other boys asked for some treat and Eli didn't, he just got upset and cried and I said, "If you wanted one, why didn't you just ask like the other boys?"

"Well, last time you said since I was bad I could never have one again."

"Oh Eli! I think I was just mad when I said that. Do you still want one?"


**Note to self-he's too literal and rule following for me to say things like never and use unrealistic ultimatiums. Which I shouldn't, but does happen occassionally.


Deanna said...

He's such a good kid.

So how do you explain MY firstborn's melodramatic, overreactive, foot-stomping, door-slamming, screaming-her-face-off behavior? HA!!!

Jessica said...

I totally believe in birth order. I am a classic first born. I was overly sensitive as a child, always rule abiding and trying to please my parents. I grew out of some of that, but I still have a lot of firstborn qualities. Now my husband on the other hand is a firstborn and he does not have many of the qualities at all...well, maybe a few, but he's not a classic case.