Monday, November 03, 2008

Training Update

Well, I had a "big run" yesterday, and ran about 3.7 miles, so I'm starting to get some mileage under my belt.

How far do I have to be running until I can take the quotes off of my "big run" updates? 5 miles? More? Less? I don't know.

I did a fair amount of walking in the last half, because I'm just not motivated. After running that 5k I realize I do much better under competition. I'm a capitalist through and through apparently!

I hadn't run much through the week and was sick the previous week and didn't run so I think I did alright. However, fun time is over! Today I start my training program-I was on a pre-conditioning schedule before.

I think it really did work, because I surely could not have run for almost an hour a couple of months ago, so I'm going to stick with this program. Now I have to start hard core so I don't make a fool of myself come race day. Which is really my biggest fear at this point, well that and how I'll keep running when it's dark when I go to work and dark when I come home and cold, Cold, COLD.

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Deanna said...

There will be nothing shameful about you on race day! You're showing up and you'll finish!! That's all that matters!

Keep up the good work.

The time change stinks--agreed.