Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little Prayer Please-Updated

Tim's Grandma is going in the hospital tomorrow morning for surgery. She's 92 and has breast cancer. She's too old for the normal chemo treatments so she's opting for surgery.

It's at 11:15 and should take two hours. Surgery is always risky business, but even more so at her age. So please keep her in your prayers. If all goes well she will be released from the hospital on Thursday.

This Grandma is the wife of the Grandpa we lost just 6 1/2 months ago.

I'll give an update tomorrow after surgery.

I got a call from my mom-she's at my house. Tim's brother stopped by to let us know Grandma is doing well, chatting it up and feeling fine. They got most of it, but weren't able to get all of it. Apparently some of it was attached to her chest bone and that's what they didn't get.

They think if she takes the chemo pills that should help get that last bit. She quit the pills before due to how it made her feel, so we'll see how she does. But for now, she's fine and recovering from surgery.

Thanks for the prayers!


Minka said...

She will be in our prayers.

Deanna said...

We're praying here. I will look forward to the happy update.

Deanna said...

PTL for great docs!!

This is a great update!!