Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sweet word

I had a meeting at church so my sister came and watched the boys (Tim was working late-it's that time of year).

I came home and Jesse was sitting on Mary's lap. He was so excited to see me, all wiggly and jumpy.

Then he concentrated and said, "MaaMuh!" He enuniciated like he was sounding it out. His first word!

I told Noah right away because he was waiting to see if Jesse would day Mama or Dada first. Eli & Simon said Dada and Noah said Mama. Now we're all tied up.

I told Tim and he laughed and said, "You won't think it's so cute when he calls you instead of crying in the night. Then you'll have to get him!"

Tim's side of the bed is closer to the nursery door so sometimes he gets Jesse for me :-)

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Deanna said...

Yay!! What a sweet welcome home!! Warms the heart!