Friday, January 23, 2009

Meeting Sean

We took dinner to Mary and Josh and the boys and Tim all got to meet Sean.

Mary was nursing him when we arrived and Noah and Simon could hardly wait to see him.

As soon as he was done, I asked who wanted to hold him and Noah jumped right in to hold him. He loves babies and holding them and taking care of them.

Noah was looking him over and said, "Look at his little mouth! What do they feed him?!?"
Next was Simon. We had to give orders that he could only touch Sean where his pajamas were. Not his head, eye ball, nose, chin or hair. But hands were okay. He was pretty excited too. And a little confused that Mary no longer had a big belly.

Then it was Eli's turn, but he acted like he didn't want to hold him. For attention? But he did hold him and enjoyed every second of it.

And that "baby Sean" is pretty cute and alert.

Jesse of course did not hold him, but was not very pleased when I was holding Sean even though Josh was holding him. He was confused and not a fan of not being his Mama's baby. But his place is secure. I assure you!

Tim didn't hold him either-he has a sore throat and while we don't think he's contagious (he is sick like this for 2-3 months each winter) he wanted to be on the safe side.


denise1006 said...

Ah, those pics are so cute! Your boys are growing up so fast, I remember when mine were tiny it seems like yesterday sometimes. Sean is gonna be a cutey and will have some great cousins to play with later!

Deanna said...

How fun to have a little dude cousin to hang around with. Too bad there won't be any more Bakers--those boys sure do love babies! Wink, wink!