Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Turn the economy around

I have a plan to save the economy.

But let me also say that this is my personal soapbox. If you don't feel the same way as me on this particular issue, it's feasible I will have a little less respect for you and may question your patriotism as well. I'm just telling you that straight up so you know that if you decide to comment.

In general, I have a low opinion of the spending choices we, as Americans, make. I believe that Americans want to make a union wage for their work and pay for products that were made at sweat shop wages.

How else to you explain that the average American shops weekly at Wal-Mart to buy countless products made in China?

If the saved money were to go to something worthwhile, I would have more compassion on the choices. But usually it's just for things that drive them farther into debt: credit card spending that can't be paid off monthly, eating out to become overweight and cause health problems, toys and electronics for children who already have too much, etc.

I'm all about a good deal, don't get me wrong, but I'm about taking care of my own (Americans) before sharing the wealth with with world.

We avoid Wal-Mart as well as many big box retailers as we feasibly can. We shop within our town at local stores first and then branch out other towns in the county and then go further out if necessary. We know that we live in a somewhat economically depressed area so if we can provide jobs, use services and create sales tax dollars that stay in our community we do.

When we do our shopping we look where things are made and buy American at every opportunity. It often costs more, but I know it provides a job for someone in my community; just as when they purchase a service from the company that Tim or I work for, it provides an income for us.

My plan to save the economy is simple: Buy American made products.

I know an argument against that is that American made products are often more expensive than the Chinese made counterparts.

Thus, we will have to give up having so many things, as we won't be able to afford all the stuff we have now. (I'm thinking of Madame Blueberry now.) The benefit there is three fold.

The first is, Americans who made those products can make a living wage. The second is, we just might learn a lesson in what's really important in our lives. Our stuff or our relationships. Lastly, if we purchase less items overall in favor of a few higher quality items, there will be less junk to fill our landfills and less waste overall. So see, my plan to save the economy is green too!

If you coupled changing our buying habits with reducing the amount of government workers (namely the IRS by implementing the fair tax) we'd be on the road to recovery in no time. I'm just sure of it.

It's easy, just buy American! Or at least it's a start and something we all can do.


Brenda said...

BRAVO Janelle!!!! This is something we try as well, not always an easy task, to find American made products. We rarely if ever eat out, then it is probably Bob Evans, Based right here in Ohio. We all have theories, I agree with yours.

Deanna said...

Amen, sister! My hope is that the current economy will teach American families to live within and, GASP!, below their means in order to create a secure future. I really think that out of these hard ecomonic times can only come good. A good, strong storm can make for a ripe, healthy garden.

Anonymous said...

Buying American-made with-in our means is perfect for this country economically and enviromentally!
Amen! (so be it!)

Natalie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree whole heartedly with this post. To me it is so much better to buy American made or even locally made/grown items. There is less waste of fossil fuels and less of an impact on the environment when items do not hae to be transported halfway across the world/country. Don't get me wrong I do shop at Wal Mart on occasion but I try to limit what I purchase from there.