Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Helping with Dinner

I made mac and cheese for dinner last night. Usually the boys prefer the boxed kind to the good homemade kind, but last night they all said, "Thanks for making what I like!"

While I was stirring and stirring and stirring the cheese sauce into the macaroni I had the "little" boys, or I guess I should say "middle" boys help me with a fruit salad.

Noah got out the cutting board and a butter knife which he enjoyed. Then he peeled and sliced two bananas and gave slices to Jesse when he would holler for it.

I rinsed a bunch of grapes and gave them to Simon and he pulled them all off and put them in the bowl. He thought he was pretty big stuff to help. I only picked out about five stems when I was stirring in the pineapple and mandrin oranges so I think he did a fine job.

And it was a help. Eli was reading a book at the table and I needed them to be quiet so I set them to work. They had fun, we got dinner on the table sooner and we were all together. Lots of times I have to banish them while Eli is doing homework, which I don't like to do.

Things go so much smoother when I have a menu planned since I know what I can get them to help with, so I'm good for this week.


Deanna said...

They'll make great husbands one day---and who knows???? You might end up with a chef or two in the family!!

Natalie said...

Our kitchen is so small it is hard to let anyone help, but I am looking forward to moving to a bigger place so Daniel can help me more. He LOVED making Christmas cookies together.