Monday, April 27, 2009


I was helping Simon take his sweatshirt off when he was getting ready for bed, and he said, in his little way, "It's all my fault."

He speaks so under his breath a lot of times with his deep little voice that I often have trouble hearing him. This time I had heard him but I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked, "What are you talking about Simon? What's your fault?"

"Well I lost my new toy. My McDonald's toy. It's all my fault."

"Well, you're right, that is your fault buddy. I am sorry you lost your toy but there's nothing we can do about it is there?"

"No. It's all my fault."

Rewind to earlier in the day:
I took all the boys to run to the grocery and unbeknownst to me Simon took his new McDonald's toy in with him.

It kind of turned out to be, not a horrible trip, but one of those that by the time I was getting everyone buckled back up, I just wanted them to be quiet, so I could, you know, "gather myself" so I could make it though the rest of the evening without losing my temper.

Then I hear Simon and Eli talking about Simon's toy. Apparently he left it in the store. Since I'm so full of compassion and whatnot, I say, "That's why I always tell you not to take toys in the store." Simon was sad but that was the end of it, but then again, it wasn't, was it?


Jodie said...

Vinny lost a toy in a store not long ago. It was his favorite TMNT turtle guy. i told him to leave it in the van. But it came in the store any ways. He was looking at something else and forgot it. We searched and searched for it but it was gone. He was in tears. he did learn though he does not take anything in any more. he will start to ask if he can and stops himself and says "no, I do not want to lose it like my turtle." If we even drive by that store he still says sadly "that is were i lost my turtle". Tough way to learn but now he knows.

Sometimes mom really does know what she is talking about!

Deanna said...

Even though the actual toy is a worthless piece of plastic, it's a real treasure to a little one. It breaks my heart when my girls do things like that but it's a lesson that is often best learned the hard way.