Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thick as Thieves

Those boys of ours are thick as thieves. I asked Noah how it was going with Eli home all day for spring break.

"It's just great. It's the best to have him home."

They so enjoy the days together. Then, if it's not a school night they will often ask if they can sleep together. Sometimes Eli says no and it reduces Noah to tears, which is so sad. But since it's spring break, Eli has been pretty care free and Noah has slept in Eli's bed with him and that pleases Noah to no end.

We had pizza for dinner, with mushrooms, and I don't like mushrooms. I always pick mine off and give them to Eli or Noah as they sit within arms reach of me, much to Tim's disappointment (before we had kids he always got them). Well, last night Jesse tried them and he loves them, so since he's right beside me I gave all of my mushrooms to him. I laughed and said, "Well, Eli no more mushrooms for you!"
"You mean you'll never give me mushrooms again?"
"Well, not never, but not as often, Jesse sits closer to me."
"Oh, well that's not fair."
Tim pipes in with, "I know, it's not fair is it?" and then grins at me. As Tim and I are looking at each other and laughing we see Noah's arm reaching across the table to Eli.

He's handing Eli two of his mushrooms. Noah likes mushrooms, but didn't want Eli to have to forego the "extra" that I would have normally given him. He is a sweet, sweet boy. And boy are those brothers tight!


Peyton's said...

Awesome! I made pizza last night too! I was excited to put mushrooms on it as we love them (Wes, not so much). I figured all of the items up and I made the pizza for about $6.40 each. Not too bad and they turn out pretty good.

Natalie said...

Aww that is so sweet. I LOVE mushrooms.

Jodie said...

The love of brothers, what a strong bond! Good blog story!

Dan and Peg said...

that is so cool about Noah's kind heart. It remind me alot of my rough-and-toumble Dominic. All boy, but it melts my heart when he is kind to his sister, or talks sweet to babies!

Deanna said...

That nearly brings me to tears. What a wonderful friend and fantastic brother.

You're definitely raising those boys right, girl!!

We're mushroom fans at our house, by the way. Well, Sarah doesn't like them so she gives hers to Charlotte. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this entry. :) So lovely. What a great bunch you have!!

- Jess

Anonymous said...

Loving Spring Break because you can all be together...true love! It has nothing to do with school. JESUS is alive at their house. Mom can see HIM in the love they each have for each other.