Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Was that a break?

Well I haven't posted in a week--just been busy with various things.

Jesse's cutting another tooth. His are so slow to come in and he is SO cranky. I laugh (like a crazy lady) and say it would just be best if I could hold him while he is still down playing. A fussy baby just takes it out of you.

The weather has been crappy off and on and when it's dreary several days in a row I sort of struggle with a "funk" of sorts.

Took both Jesse and Noah for shots last week. Noah's ready for school now so that's good.

We're gearing up for our seasonal business and I've been super busy with potential clients, both online and with appointments in person.

I have some stories from the week that I will be posting, but I've just been doing other things I guess.

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Deanna said...

Teething baby=cranky baby...that's happened around here, too. I think Alex is going to be an early teether so I'm sure I'm in for the cranks pretty soon.