Friday, May 01, 2009


I went to the grocery after work one day this week and as I was putting things away Simon was in the kitchen with me. I got to the toothpaste and asked Simon if he would put it on the steps for me.


"So I can take it upstairs when I go up. Daddy and I needed more toothpaste and I got some at the store."

"Oh. I have my own toothpaste. You have toothpaste. You needed more, so you just bought some. When we need more toothpaste we just buy it. Just buy more."

Later at bedtime I was carrying Jesse and herding the rest of them upstairs to start our bedtime routine. As we get to the top of the steps Simon looks at me and says, "Did you get your toothpaste?"

"Oh! I forgot all about it! I'll get it when I come up later to lay Jesse down."

As I'm tucking Simon in and turning off the light he says, "Don't forget your toothpaste Mom."

"Okay, Simon. I'll bring it up when I come back up to lay Jesse down."

After nursing Jesse I took him upstairs and as I was laying him down from out of the darkness I hear Simon, "Did you get your toothpaste Mom?"

"No I didn't, I'll bring it up when I come up to go to bed. Now go to sleep!"

And that time I did remember.


McBorn said...

Simon must be concerned that your teeth stay clean! Does he always brush his teeth, I wonder?

Janelle said...

Always would be a pretty strong statement, but mostly, yes.

Deanna said...

What a love bug! He loves you and cares about your toothpaste. He's a kind soul.