Monday, June 08, 2009


Hey there! We're doing VBS this week at our church Sunday to Thursday so I'm going to be a little quiet on the blog I think. We'll see.

I'm with the preschoolers. I'm not the lead teacher but I'm in charge of the preschool crafts. We had 22 children from 3 to not old enough for Kindergarten in the fall. That's a lot of little people! About half of them go to our church regularly so I know them and that's nice. Simon is in that class of course and he loves it when I'm in his class so that's always fun.

We also started with our new babysitter this week. The drop off this morning went well so we'll see how they all did when I pick them up this afternoon.

Busy, busy! I love summer :)


Deanna said...

I hope they enjoyed the new sitter! Have fun at VBS!!

Anonymous said...

have fun!!