Wednesday, August 26, 2009

News Flash

I've got a news flash: being a Mom is hard!

Hard to know how many sports and extra curriculars they should be in, hard to know and remember all of the things you should be teaching them by a certain age, hard to know when to stick to your guns and when to let it slide because it was a "one off", hard to keep their diet balanced and their clothes in good repair. Hard to not spoil them, hard to not expect too much for their age. There's just a lot of hard stuff.

But there's easy stuff too: Like it's easy to love them, easy to hug them, easy to kiss them, easy to laugh at silly faces and mixed up words, easy to play with them and snuggle with them. Easy to show them how to do the things you love to do so you can do it together as they grow up. Easy to see good traits of their father coming out in them.

I guess it all balances out, but a manual would be nice at times. That's why we moms all have to stick together and learn from each other. We are each our own best mother to our children, but how hard would it be without the guidance of our other mothers-moms, MILs, sisters, friends, and cousins? That would be HARD! Thanks to all of you for your help and guidance so far on my motherhood journey!


Jessica said...

I couldn't have said it better. And thanks to you for yoru great motherhood advice!

Jodie said...

Thank you! You are a great example of a great mom!!