Monday, October 05, 2009


Picked Noah up from school, and as I waited in the pick-up line I noticed a small two door car with two people in it. Presumably to pick up a kindergartner. There are only about 20 cars that pick up children and over the last month I've gotten to know them and this wasn't a normal car. I wondered if they were just trying to go through the alley, but then I noticed the woman on the passenger side had her window down and was taking pictures.

At that point I was thinking it must be someone new to the district. When it was their turn, the mom got out and the teacher gave them a sign for their window so I suspicions were confirmed. New student.

I was thinking to myself, what a hassle to be in a two door car and then didn't think more of it other than there had been three cars that took longer than normal and they were using up my precious lunch minutes.

Noah and I talked as we drove to the sitter's house and then as we got there Noah got very animated, as only he can do, about a car. "Did you see that car Mom?"
"Which car?"
"The black one. It only had one door. And then the front seat folded up so you could get in the back. It was so cool, did you see it?"
"Yes, I did. It's called a two door."
"There weren't two doors-only one."
"True, but one on each side. One plus one is two: two door car. We have two doors on each side so ours is a four door."
"Well, it was really cool and you could sit in the back."
"Yes, I'm aware. I've seen that kind of car before." Then in my own mind, "We used to have a cute little two door like that ourselves. Ah, well, maybe someday again."

Then he was off and running again.

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Deanna said...

I love how little ones notice things that we take for granted and shed a new light on them. :) He's a smarty!