Monday, November 09, 2009

Fall Fun

We have a ton of trees and lots of leaves so the boys and I got some leaves in a pile to play. I don't remember ever playing in the leaves when I was little-we didn't have any trees to speak of, but I always wanted to so I make sure the boys get at least one good pile to jump in~the rest is up to them!
And I've taught Eli how to start and run the leaf blower, so there are good times ahead! When the pile got too squished Eli fired up the blower and got more leaves. He loves to be 7!
It's like Noah was meant to pose.
Then there is the rugged outdoorsman, like his father.

Jesse loved his first real leaf pile experience.

They're all doing the same thing, and yet they're doing it differently. That's what being brothers is like though, isn't it?


Natalie said...

Daniel is having a blast playing in the leaves. We raked up a big pile a week or so ago and he played in it forever.

Deanna said...

I love the fall. It looks like the boys are having a blast!!

Jessica said...

I loved playing in the leaves as a child; however, right now we don't have many trees so my kiddo hasn't had the pleasure yet.

Peyton's said...

My mom hated to rake and bag, or move to the compost, so she never raked leaves, when we were big enough to rake the into a pile we would get in trouble, because they would then need to be bagged or hulled to the compost.

Our punishment for raking then in a pile is that we had to take care of it, so we gladly did.