Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my little Simey's birthday. He's an interesting little fellow. It's funny how he's just like the other boys and yet he's so different. But they're all that way.

He's sweet and loves to cuddle, and yet doesn't want to. Wait, I'm like that.

He's off in his own little world, with a one track mind and it's hard to get him to change course. Tim's like that. I hope he learns to channel it as Tim has, so it serves him well. I'm working on figuring out how to shape a mind like that.

He's laid back, which is a wonderful personality trait for a third child. He goes with the flow, and I make a conserted effort to make sure we spend some one on one time together, cause I don't want him lost in the shuffle-that's my worry about my third little fellow. I make sure he gets to pick things and he doesn't always have to do or play what the other boys want to just because they are bigger. But he's tough and he'll fight for something if you back him into a corner.

His imagination is as big as all outdoors! The scenarios he comes up with and explains in painful detail (just like his Daddy) when he is playing legos is amazing. Me, I am highly entertained by playing with the people, but Simon has a whole movie he is having them role play; it's amazing. Maybe he'll be a writer or something.

He's a precious, precious boy with a gentle heart.

Happy 4th Birthday Simon! I love you!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Simon!!

Deanna said...

I hope Simon had a great birthday! Happy birthday!