Thursday, February 11, 2010

Folding Clothes

I was in the big boys room folding a load of "white" laundry and the boys were putting their items away as I folded them, when I came to a tank top of mine. It's the kind that has the built in bra and it always seems to get turned around in the washer or dryer, or I take it off inside out sometimes.

I was busy trying to get it back the right way, which is always a struggle, when Eli says to me, "Maybe you should take that off better."

I had to sit there and bite my tongue, because that's what I say to him and Noah about their socks being inside out. So I said, "Maybe."

Humpf! Being called out by my seven year old. This parenting thing, keeps you humble and accountable, doesn't it?


Jodie said...

sometimes they are to observant! but I guess it will make us better people in the end.

Dan and Peg said...

Humble and never before! Funny how God's plan works out that use innocent children to make us more like Him!

Peyton's said...

Yeah, Wes gets to fold all of the clothes that are inside out as I don't, and tell him that they would have been returned to him folded if he would learn to take them off right. Once in a blue moon, I have him fold a load, and he tells his dad that he is as bad as he is, but I do make him turn and fold them anyhow.