Monday, March 08, 2010

Janelle-2, Half marthon-0

I decided to start out running and go until my toe hurt, my legs hurt, or my lungs couldn't take it and then take a walk break. Guess how long I went?

Here are my stats:
5K split: 0:38:47
10K split: 1:16:12
15K split: 1:56:33
Finish: 2:46:44

I ran over seven miles before taking a walk break-that's over half way! My toe was starting to twinge at that point, so I decided to trade off with walking, but still kept a pretty good pace at 13:07 minutes per mile, on average for the whole race.

My time was one minute and six seconds more than last year. It gives me hope for a much better time when I don't have a broken toe and can train well before the race. I'm very pleased with those results for as little as I was able to train with a broken toe.

Last Years Results


Deanna said...

Go on with your bad self, girl!! Congratulations! I was thinking about you all weekend. I'm glad to hear it went well and that you've made it home safely. I'm sure ALL your boys missed you.

Jodie said...

Great job Janelle!!

Peyton's said...

What a great feeling to see that your time has improved so much over one year that you can even walk some and still beat it!

I was thinking of you as I was walking home from work this morning trying to see how long it would take me to walk a half marathon as I can't run much. I am guessing around 4 hours.

I am glad you got to run for part of it, and I hope your toe continues to heal so you can keep enjoying running.

McBorn said...

Great job!! You are really in great shape that you were able to run over half even without the proper training! I'm proud of you!
I hope you had fun with the aunts!

除夕 said...
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Grandma B said...

What an accomplishment! It is further proof that You are determined, disciplined, daring, delightful, "healthy as a horse" despite injured foot Mother.
Congratulations on being Yourself!!