Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Math Practice

I mentioned that Tim got a black jack table, right? The boys love it, especially Eli. Keep that in mind as you read this story.

Noah was reading one of his books from the library-kindergarten level so it's just one short sentence a page, and he's doing very well. This particular book was about best friends and how they are alike and different. One of the differences was one girl liked to play cards and the other liked dolls. The page had a girl holding jumbo playing cards, about the size of her whole chest. She had them fanned out so you could see they were all face cards.

Eli, who was looking over Noah's shoulder as he read, piped in with, "That's 30."

I just looked up at him and laughed. Then he laughed back at me and I said, "Guess you're getting good with math cause of black jack, huh?"

Smiles, and says sheepishly, "Yeah."

Maybe we should just homeschool and learn all of the math facts this way! He's sees the importantance of knowing how to add quickly when he's trying to decide if he should hit or stay.


Jodie said...

That is funny!
Maybe we should do some fun math like that around here!

Deanna said...

You might be onto something there!

Peyton's said...

Go Eli!