Monday, March 01, 2010


It's been a packed few days. Noah got in trouble at school. We had a chili dinner at Eli's school. Simon got in trouble at church. Sort of feel like we're falling apart. We need a parenting regroup. Sometimes we lose focus and need to get back on track. By we, I generally mean me.

Tim sprained his ankle and is on crutches so that's upped my responsibilities around the house the last few days. We took him to the ER and everything, he was in a lot of pain. Thankfully he's doing much better and doesn't need any pain pills or anything. We've really tried to keep him on the couch with his foot up as much as possible. It's been hard to do all his stuff too. And he feels bad for me to do it all, but we need him to get better quickly since I'm leaving Friday and it'll just be him and the boys all weekend.

Tim had some friends over on Saturday to try out his new black jack table. They all had fun playing with big chips since you weren't really going to lose any money. And Eli and Noah played, with lots of help, and had fun.

I used to volunteer in the nursery at church every couple of months but I got moved to the preschool class and this was my first weekend teaching that. Our director had given me the lesson plan, but I came up with the props and stuff and it was really fun. Much better than being in the nursery!

We had our church's annual skating party too. It's such a fun time because it's just our church people and everyone is watching out for everyone else's kids, so even though I had three in skates (and a gimpy husband with Jesse) I knew if one of them fell and I wasn't with them, someone would help them up. And they did, just like I did for other kids. It gives you a warm feeling. Eli got back in his groove after a bit and was doing well. Noah would do fine when he would just relax, but didn't relax too much. He had a great time though. Simon was a natural, he kept his balance really well, especially for his first time skating. If we were to skate regularly he'd get pretty good.

So this week will be busy too-we have parents night thing at Noah's school, our small group is meeting, and I'm leaving Friday morning. Busy, busy.

I've decided I'm going to walk the half marathon, no sense in killing myself. With the additional snow this weekend I didn't get out there at all. My toe is just touchy enough when I'm not in a completely forward motion that I didn't want to risk losing my balance on the ice and snow and really hurting it. Man, I'm not looking forward to these 13 miles on Sunday morning. I'm sure it'll be fine.


Deanna said...

Wow--you need a break, friend!! I'm glad to hear Tim is doing better. You'll be great on Sunday. Good for you!!

Janelle said...

Thanks D!