Monday, May 24, 2010

Eli turns 8

It's hard to believe that Eli is eight now. He's just so big when I look at him and see the things he can do. School things like reading, writing, adding, subtracting and knowing what to do at school everyday. Things like going over the school menu and deciding if it's a pack day or a buy day; knowing what's gross and what's good. Things like riding his bike and doing tricks. Things like building awesome Lego creations all from his imagination, and a story to go with it. Things like putting together a new, and complex, Lego set with no help. Things like knowing when I've had enough and when to back down so they don't get in trouble. Things like how to look out for Jesse and how to be tender with him. Things like how to shower and get dressed on his own.

But then I'm reminded that he's still just a boy when he cries because he'd rather play than work on his spelling words, and when he needs a hug to calm him down so he can focus on homework. Or when I have to remind him to wear clean clothes at least a couple of days a week. And to remind him his teeth do need brushed every day.

I can see a few years down the road when he'll remember to do those things without my help to remind him. I'm sure that day will come too fast. I only hope that he still needs his hugs from his Mommy then.

Right now is a great age. He's getting responsible and still thinks I'm the greatest Mom ever. He's still just a boy. A kind and compassionate boy. The one who made me a mother and our couple a family. I love that kid!

Happy Eighth Birthday Eli!

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Anonymous said...

He gets his caring, compassionate personality from his parents. The competent part comes with age. 8 is Great!