Friday, July 30, 2010

A Fun Treat

We made vanilla ice cream last night. Which is a little out of the norm for us, we always throw in some kind of berry, like, black raspberries or strawberries, but this time, just vanilla.

I also had purchased some cans of root beer at the store last week. Do you see where this is heading?

I made the ice cream as soon as we got home and then put it in the freezer to continue to harden. Then after dinner we pulled it out, put three scoops in each cup and poured the root beer over it. The big boys got to pour their own. They were very pleased with that.

I even let Jesse have some. As I was pouring it in, his eyes were big and he said, "pop". He was beside himself.

I'm sad to say that's the first time we've had root beer floats (that we've made) since we've been married. Just not my thing I guess. I always want to like them, but when I have them, they are never as good as I think they should be. So I don't make them.

However. Homemade ice cream? Totally the ticket! We're going to do this again! The boys all agreed (Tim included) that they were better with homemade ice cream. They certainly won't turn their nose up for any kind of float, but it's fun to have a favorite.

Simon tried a 7-up float while camping with Tim's parents, so we might have to try that too...the sitter has made them Sunkist floats...I was thinking Red Creme Soda...Tim's Dad has also been known to have a Dr. Pepper float....this may become a fun recurring treat for the rest of the summer....

Happy Summer my boys!

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McBorn said...

Root Beer Float = yum!