Monday, November 01, 2010

Boot Camp Update

This is an update on Jesse's Potty Training Boot Camp, so if that's not your thing, check back another day!

Jesse is doing well with his potty training when he's home. If he's in underwear he stays dry really well. If he wets, he comes to tell me right away. Of course if he's in a pull-up, nothing of the sort, so we stick to underwear at home. He doesn't poop until you put him in a diaper for nap or bed. Although I did catch him once this weekend right before he snuck off and he successfully went on the toilet. We were all very happy about that one!

So, he's doing well and we're still plugging away. I'm thinking that it will all come together over Thanksgiving when he and I get to spend another five days together. We'll be good to go after that I think.

He also loves to wear underwear, so that's good too, it furthers the process!

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Deanna said...

It sounds like you're most certainly on the way to being a diaper-free zone! Wow, how times have changed!