Thursday, November 04, 2010


We had conferences this week for both of the boys. While I see their grades and behavior charts coming home on a regular basis, you never really know how it's going to go since there's a lot more than grades and behavior charts to discuss!

I had Noah's first and I was concerned about his talking and attitude more than anything. His teacher is so sweet; this is her first year with her own class, she did some long term subbing last year, but she's still so new and sweet. I was also her first conference and she did great. It helped that Noah is doing well and there were no real "hard" issues to be dealt with. She did say he talks a lot, but it's not out of hand. She was telling me about him reading aloud to the class. He was the first in his class to read to the whole class and she said he did a wonderful job and she took a picture. Can't wait to see that! Side note: All A's and one B. Great job!

Then I had Eli's conference. The third graders change classes so I met with both of his main teachers at the same time, which was really nice. He's doing very well with his math, especially money. We need to work a little more on the basic math facts, which we knew since he can't just pop them out of his head quickly yet. He's coming right along with his reading and making great progress. His teacher is hopeful that by the end of the school year he'll be where he "should" be as far as reading level. Doing great in writing, but spelling is still a huge struggle for him. We are having him tutored with the "Barton Method" and it should help his spelling and reading as well. A very good conference-he's a good kid and works hard and his teachers like him. Side note: All A's and B's. Great job!

For the second quarter we are just keeping on. With soccer over and our seasonal business done, we have a lot more time to read and do creative learning when they don't even realize they are learning! We just got a tub full of play money (coins and bills) and Eli is beside himself wanting to play store. We're setting that up tonight!

Playing store was my favorite thing to do as a kid. I loved the organization of the products and the money so I can't wait! Wonder what kind of store we'll have?

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Dan and Peg said...

yeah! That's great the boys are all doing so well! You two are such good parents...who see what your boys are well at, and what they need to work on and help them through it all. My kids love play money, too!!! I don't think we ever thought of the store idea, though. We'll have to give that a try!