Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hair cuts

Hair is not a big deal to me, like many other things.  Growing up my mom put my hair in two braids, everyday, until I was about fourth grade, then it went to one braid.  Or it might have been third grade when my little sister was born, come to think of it.  Then in junior high it was so long and heavy it would give me headaches so she started french braiding it for me, that distributed the weight more evenly over my head and no more headaches.  In eighth grade I got my first hair cut.  I mean the first one, ever.  My mom cut my hair-all the way up to my waist!  By the time high school hit my mom didn't want to mess with my hair anymore, and I didn't want her to, but I wasn't a girly girl and didn't really know what to do with it so I kept it long, it was all I knew.  But I learned to french braid it myself, so I did that every day.  I'm a creature of habit and routine; change is not my friend.  (Ironic that I married Tim who craves and thrives on change, isn't it?)  My hair grows really fast so about once a year I'd get my hair cut back up to my waist.  And that was my hair cycle.  Very exciting, I know.

Then in college Tim encouraged me to cut it short(er).  I did and I really liked it, but my hair grows so fast it wasn't long that my hair was long again.  I've had varying lengths of hair, the shortest being chin length, but I always know that if it's too short for what I like that it'll grow out soon, very soon.  I'm very laid back about my hair.

I've adopted that same approach for the boys and their hair.  It's just hair!  Is what I say.  Although there are some limits.  I do all the hair cutting for my five guys at our house so if they want something new they just have to ask. 
Eli has been on a kick of wanting long hair.  Not my favorite thing.  I think it's a Justin Bieber influence, even though I'm not sure Eli knows who he is.  It was getting too long for my liking, Eli was having to swoop it out of the way all the time.  I kept asking him if he wanted me to cut it, but no. 

Then one day last week he said, "I can't take it anymore, just cut it!"  I laughed and laughed.  We didn't have time for a full hair cut and he couldn't wait one more day, he couldn't take it.  I just trimmed the front with the promise of a full hair cut the next evening.  By the next evening he decided he liked what I had done and didn't want any more cut.  Makes my life easier!

Noah is on the same Justin Bieber program, but I insist on cutting it around his ears, for some reason that really bothers me.  He cried and lamented that he wanted the front and back long.  I let it go for now, but we'll see what happens as the weather gets warmer and it gets more uncomfortable to have that kind of hair.  I'm guessing Justin Bieber has AC at his house.  Noah fiddles with his long hair all the time so we'll see how much more Tim and I can take of that!

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