Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Snow Fun!

We have a pond, but it's spring fed so there is water moving all the time. Generally it never gets cold enough for long enough to freeze completely so we've never been able to go out on it.
Enter the 2010-11 winter. Oh, it's cold enough. Then get an ice storm with a couple of inches of ice, and we were good to go. Tim went out and tested it and it was solid! So we played on the ice, threw snow balls, slid to make a slick ice path, and then decided to build a snowman out on the pond.

Eli is really getting big enough to do some serious help, but Tim was still the man to stack them. Then Tim got a little carried away with the facial features, as evidenced here.

Happy Winter!

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Dan and Peg said...

That is so awesome!!! What a great looking family! And what an artistic snowman. :) Great job boys!