Thursday, May 05, 2011

Art Show

Our school district has an art show to showcase selected artwork from throughout the year.  Eli had a drawing in the show so we wanted to be sure to make it this year.  The boys and I went and looked at all the artwork.  They pointed out cool things the older kids could do and the things kids they knew did.  It was fun.

There was also face painting (free, so it was right up my alley), as we were leaving they all ended up deciding they wanted something on their faces.
I took a picture when we got home:
Eli in a mustache and goatee
Simon as a dalmation (the whiskers are pretty fat)
Noah with a skull (I worry about his teenage years)
Jesse with a soccer ball

Eli's comment was that now he was a man.  He's been working on growing out the hair in front of his ears, you know, so he can have sideburns, like Dad.

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