Monday, May 09, 2011


Usually on Thursday during homework time I have Eli use the chalkboard on the easel and I call out the spelling words and he spells them on the chalkboard.  Using chalk is much more fun than writing on paper so there are less groans, which this Mama likes!  I make up sentences as we go along and I try to make them fun or funny, because spelling is not fun for Eli. 

This particular day Noah was finishing up his math worksheet, Jesse was snipping paper, and Simon was playing on the floor with cars while Eli and I were doing the final spelling review.

One of his review words was "sale" and since the last week he had "sale" and "sail" as spelling words I knew I needed to use it in a sentence so he'd know which one to spell.  So I said, "Sale.  We're going to move, so we put the house up for sale."

Simon looked up quickly.  I glanced over at him, but noticed that Eli spelled the "wrong" sail, so I reminded him there are two "sales" and to listen to the sentence.  I said again, "We're going to move, so we put the house up for sale."

Simon got up and walked over to me.  In his soft voice he said, "That's not true, is it Mom?  We're going to stay here right?"
"It's not true Simon, it's just a sentence for Eli's spelling word.  Why, don't you want to move?"
"No, I like to live here."
"How long to you want to live here, forever?"
Very shyly, and yet now happy, he said, "Yeah!"

This is the boy who has informed me that him and his wife and kids are going to live in this house when he grows up.  I don't think he ever wants to move.  I can't blame him-by then we'll have the house all nicely up to date, and it's a beautiful property.

I love that Simon!

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Anonymous said..., smiling Simon. He appreciates beautiful surroundings at only 5 years old!
He has similar personalities of his parents!