Monday, June 27, 2011


I didn't really make a menu for the week.  I hate it when I do that.  We end up with a lot of pasta those weeks.  I love pasta, but I feel like it's not really all that balanced, and I can do better than that.  But sometimes I find something good when I have to scour the cupboards.

I pulled out some bow-tie pasta and set the water to boil.  I cut up broccoli and got some cheese out to grate.  Here is where I was wishing that I had made a better menu and I had chicken already cooked from a meal earlier in the week to add to the pasta.  But alas, it would have to be a meatless night.

Then I thought I'd go cut some fresh herbs from our herb pot.  Purple basil (both beautiful and delicious), oregano, and rosemary.  I began chopping them up and Jesse came in, wanting to help.  He washed his hands, without complaint, and quickly, which pretty much never happens.  I cut open the package of cheese and he got a plate and the grater and began to grate.  While I was chopping and stirring he grated all of the cheese himself.  He did it all and didn't hurt himself and didn't need help.  How does that happen?-he's three!

We mixed the herbs in with the pasta and broccoli and drizzed it with olive oil.  Each of us added cheese to our plate of pasta, and the boys loved it.  Everyone had seconds and gobbled it up.  Eli loved that we were eating from our "garden."   I love that kid!


Peyton's said...

Your baby is growing up! That is really good for being 3. I love "eating out of the garden" it is the best and since I am so frugal, I total forget the cost of the seeds/plants when the harvest comes... I prefer to think of it as all being free!!!

Anonymous said...

A true Pioneer Woman poviding a delicious meal with items from the garden and the cupboard. Keep on going! Sons will follow your example to develop into honest, hard-working, dependable men.