Friday, December 30, 2011


Santa brought the boys the two Hogwarts Lego sets to share. And since they were in and out during the week, I made them wait until they were all home on Friday to put the sets together. They were beside themselves with excitement. However, they had been playing and building Legos all week and towards the end of the day did get a little burnt out on building-one of the sets had 10 bags of Legos! But they pushed through-troopers they are!
We had also gotten Eli "Hagrid's Hut," which he is pointing to here. It is a neat set and has a light up brick for the fire. He did a great job putting it together and has had lots of fun playing with all of the creatures and pieces.

We got Noah "The Burrow" which he needed only a little help to put together. And it has some really neat features that he is enjoying, like the drawers and plates in the kitchen. Noah is pointing to himself, he's a little bit "gangsta" you know.

Here are the two Hogwarts sets put together, with all of the people. I knew we had to take a picture quick, since once they started playing and dividing things up it would never be the same!

Oh the fun they are having! I'm so glad we get to enjoy it with them. They divided up all of the minifigs between themselves to "own" and there was one extra, so it was determined that I should get one too. I said I would just take what was left but that I didn't really want a dementor. Guess what was left? Yep, I have myself my very first Lego minfig, and it's a dementor. I keep him on top of the Castle!

And then Hogwarts with the additonal two sets for the full effect of Harry Potter's life.

 It's a regular wizarding world around here!

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Dan and Peg said...

Awesome! We're in lego world as well, just not quite to that level. It looks like they did a fantastic job building!