Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not the best Mothering day

Just didn't have the best mothering day today. Actually that's not really true. It did seem like I couldn't think clearly, and consequently made some stupid mistakes, that hopefully don't have other repurcussions. One example: the big boys were all buying lunch at school today so I thought, great, no lunches to pack! About 11:30 the daycare calls, Jesse has his lunchbox but all that is in it is yesterdays left overs. Nice. Tim and Jesse remembered to take the lunch bag, I just didn't put anything in it. So I ran home and packed him a lunch and took it to him.

I think maybe I have too many irons in the fire and can't keep it all straight. I'm ready for Christmas vacation! No homework to worry about, just kicking it with my boys for ten days. I think it will do us all good to have some "Mommy days" as Jesse calls them.

We're also at a crossroads for Eli and his education again, I think. That weighs on this Mama's heart too. I just want to make the best decisions possible for my boys, and it can be hard to know just what the best decision is. I have to weigh the financial side too.

Plus it's Thursday. My mom always used to call it crash night, and as a mom of school age kids, I can see why. I usually move up bedtime on Thursdays, makes us all feel better.

Okay, I'm off to make peppermint bark for an exchange at work tomorrow and also start prepping for our dinner guests tomorrow. We're entertaining every night this weekend. We just get this one life, right? I'm packing it full!

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Homestead Living said...

You're a wonderful mother Janelle! We all have off days or moments. :) As we remain connected to The Vine, He will guide us to make the best decisions for OUR family! It may look different than others, but it is right where He wants us to His perfect will for US!

Happy Hosting,

PS~Your family picture was just beautiful! Those boys are growing up fast! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the now! :)